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I offer full Public Relations services including: media pitching and placement with an extensive national contact database; press release writing and distribution management; internal corporate PR training for in-house teams, as well as upper management; and crisis control, where I am ranked in the top 1% in the nation.

In addition, I also currently serve as a Fractional Marketing Executive bringing my years of career experience to lead PR and Marketing efforts for corporations in need of leadership and work on a contract basis without the full-time hiring commitment.


As a Small Business owner for more than a decade over both a brick and mortar business, as well as several online brands, I will offer unique insight and experience to help your small business to put its best foot forward in image, messaging, consistency, overall online presence, design, customer service management, customer retention, PR support and more.


I have worked for many years in Senior Corporate Communications roles directing the efforts of Marketing, PR and Branding Departments, offering leadership vision, as well as the full work execution. I will evaluate where each area of work currently stands, and offer fresh strategies, in-house team feedback and analysis, and an overall assessment of how to correct, improve, and take your efforts to the next level for future growth and development.

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