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As Bill Gates once said, "If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations." That is an investment that I take very seriously, and I put my all on the line for every client, every time.  

The why is actually pretty simple – you know that you need to get the word out to increase brand awareness - to drive sales, website traffic, and social media visibility; or to further establish and validate you or your brand. However, you know that you don't want to hire a large PR Firm either due to overwhelming cost, or for the level of service you can expect to receive as a client among many.


When you hire a Publicist as your representation to the world, you need someone who takes that role to heart with strong ethical vision. Someone you can count on to help guide the way to make your voice heard, to give you the needed support through the process, and to knock down the doors when you might not know just how hard to kick.


Serving in the industry for over 20 years, I have had the honor to represent some of the most well-known brands and corporations in the world. I know what success in the PR landscape should be and how to get there. I will listen to your story, be deeply honest in our approach, and give you the individualized attention you deserve.

In addition to my proven career history in PR, I also proudly serve as a small business owner, so I very much relate to how much this business means to you. How hard you have worked to get to this very moment, and how incredibly scary it can be to take a risk to share your mission and your passion with the world. I treat your business as my very own, and I show up for you every day with full transparency and a mission to succeed.

A famous saying has always been, "If you don't tell your story, someone else will." Let's tell that story together. 

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